The Shrink, the Poodle… and Me

An offbeat aunt… about to be expelled from her rehab center because of one karaoke night too many.

A son who’s a cleanliness freak… whose soap usage rivals a laundry’s.

A husband who’s unfaithful, happens to be a shrink… denies it all and doesn’t put in practice what he preaches to his patients.

Equal: one Charlotte determined to surmount any obstacle that comes her way… through laughter therapy. With the help of her friends, and the unexpected support of a longtime client who’s turned his retirement into a newfound youth.

In between a smartphone’s murder, blueberry pancakes and a mad chase and resulting scandal in a five stars hotel there ensues a light-hearted comedy with funny, lovable characters.

A fun-filled novel brimming with humour and optimism.